Harvard Club Has Already Gathered interesting Assortment

The Harvard Club of Boston has recently asked its members to send all sorts of "memorabilia" connected with the University to the club and this call has met with such a generous response that the collection will in a short time be one of the most complete in the country. The most extensive gift is that of Dr. William C. Mason '74, consisting of some 150 items of printed matter relating to every phase of Harvard life from the 17th century to the present time.

Among other contributions the following have been received: 1791 and 1794 lottery tickets and a view of the College buildings during Edward Everett's presidency--from E. H. Baker '18; "Med Fac" catalogue for 1827 and 1830--from C. H. Taylor, Jr., '90; autograph letters of John Quincy Adams and of Ralph Waldo Emerson--from Dr. H. J. Keenan '94; class admission certificate of 1832, signed by Josiah Quincy--from H. B. Cushing '65; crew photographs of 1869 and 1874--from C. S. Gill; a fragment of the red silk graduation gown worn by William Dudley in 1704--from W. P. Parker; photograph of Henry W. Bellows--from T. C. Williams '76; programs of Harvard events, 1830-1840--from H. M. Rogers '62; fraternity medals--from Dr. J. E. Waitt '83 and Dr. J. W. Cummin '92.

Many commencement theses and "quaestiones" between 1742 and 1810, subsequent programs, practically complete; early Class Day programs and presidential inaugural orders of exercises; items relating to the 200th and 250th anniversary celebrations with full registration lists of the latter; program of the first Alumni Association dinner of 1842; early college laws; Triennial catalogs dating back to 1785; early play bills and catalogs of the Hasty Pudding Club have also been received.

It is intended that this collection of the Harvard Club of Boston shall contain everything that can be obtained concerning the history of the University and items of interest relating to graduates. Portfolios both for class and University items are being arranged in the club library so that definite places will be found for any and all things of historical interest.