The two University relay teams as well as the Freshman team maintained their record of straight wins at the meet held under the auspices of the Armory Athletic Association of Rhode Island at Providence, Saturday night. Long and short distance teams representing the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were defeated by the University teams, while the Freshman four closed their season by defeating Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In the open events, the University men were too heavily handicapped to show to advantage. Nevertheless, A. D. Chandler, Jr., '14 won the high jump with an actual leap of 5 feet, 9 inches and a handicap of 4 inches. The result of the 50-yard dash has not been definitely decided, some of the judges picking R. W. Stanley '17 and others Loomis of M. I. T. as the winner. W. H. Meanix uC., representing the B. A. A. won the 50-yard high hurdles, but was disqualified for knocking over two hurdles, thus permitting M. P. Robinson '15 to place as third.

Fast University Relay Races.

The University short distance team, running 352 yards to the man instead of the usual 390 yards, made the fastest time of the evening, covering the 1408 yards in 2 minutes, and 42 seconds. R. Tower '15, F. W. Capper '15, and W. J. Bingham '16, running in the order named opened up a lead on the Technology men. Captain W. A. Barron, Jr., '14 started the last relay with a 25-yard lead which he held and increased.

The race between the University and Technology long distance teams was much closer than the other. Fox, the first man for Technology jumped into the lead against J. R. Abbott '14, the latter passing him at the end of the relay and giving H. G. MacLure '15 a lead of two yards. MacLure increased the gap on Benson, giving E. P. Stone '15 a five yard lead over C. T. Guething of Technology. The latter set a terrific pace which he was, however, unable to maintain. Stone had no trouble in starting W. J. Bingham '16 with a five yard advantage on T. H. Guething, Technology's last man. Bingham finished in the time of 6 minutes, 16 1-5 seconds.

1917 Race Feature of Evening.

It fell to the Freshmen and Worcester to furnish the most exciting race of the evening. W. Willcox, Jr., and Reed of Worcester, the leaders off of the two teams, got away to an even start, but Reed gave his team-mate, Warren, a slight lead at the end. A. O. Phinney '17 regained this, and was a bare yard ahead when he fell at the very end, and before M. C. Hobbs '17 could get away, Keith of Worcester was far ahead. Hobbs held Keith even, but when E. A. Teschner '17, the Freshman anchor man, started after Quimby he was 35 yards in the rear and the race seemed lost. Teschner's remarkable running, however, enabled him to catch Quimby at the last turn and beat him by a foot in 2 minutes, 47 2-5 seconds.

The University 390-yard team will run the B. A. A. at the School-boy Meet on Saturday.