"The Legend of Loravia" to be Given Three Times in Cambridge.

The Hasty Pudding Club has chosen as its annual theatrical production a musical comedy. "The Legend of Loravia." The following six performances will be given:

Saturday, March 28--Graduates' Night, Cambridge.

Monday, March 30--Undergraduates' Night, Cambridge.

Tuesday, March 31--Regular performance at the Club House.

Saturday, April 4--Undecided.

Monday, April 6--Undecided.

Tuesday, April 7--Jordan Hall, Boston.

The plot of the comedy is centered around a legend of the mythical land of Loravia. The events of the first act take place at the Pre-Catalan restaurant in Paris, while the second act takes place at an inn outside the city of Routerest, the capital of Loravia.

The book was written by J. K. Hodges '14 and E. Streeter '14 and the lyrics by J. K. Hodges '14. The music was composed by V. Freedley '14, with additional numbers by S. L. M. Barlow '15, Mr. E. B. Sanger of New York will direct the production.