Cheering at Yale Game.

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The first hockey game with Yale since hockey at Harvard has been a major sport will be played tomorrow evening at the Boston Arena. It is fitting that the student body support the hockey team in the Yale game as major sport teams have been supported in the past, and to this end Captain Willetts has appointed a staff of cheer-leaders.

The Arena is well adapted for singing. The crowd is well massed and there should be no difficulty in following the leader. Song slips will be distributed.

Hockey is not a game adapted to continued cheering and it is therefore imperative that the few cheers that are given ring with the whole heart of every Harvard man. Remember that, men, and cheer when you are called upon. The team will fight anyway, but it will fight a little harder for your support. Cheer and sing whether you are in the cheering section or not. A.F. PICKERNELL.   Q. REYNOLDS.   R.T.P. STOBER   D.J.P. WINGATE   Cheer-Leaders.