Freshman Debating Activities

Final arrangements have been made for the Freshman debate with Brookline next Thursday evening, March 19. W. I. Tibbetts, L. Opdycke, and A. G. Aldis will support the affirmative side of the question for the Freshmen: "Resolved, That the Monroe Doctrine should be abolished." The meeting will be held in the Trophy Room of the Union at 8 o'clock, and will be open to all members of the University.

The first trials for the Freshman triangular debating teams which were to have been held this evening have been postponed until next week. The date has not been definitely decided, but they will probably be held Tuesday evening.

There has been some misunderstanding as to who are eligible to compete for these teams. The trials will be open not only to members of the Freshman Debating Society, but to all members of the class. A large number are expected to enter the first trials. They may present either side of the question: "Resolved, That Immigration to the United States be further restricted, providing that every immigrant shall be able to read and write in either his native language or in English."

The last debate before the meet with Yale and Princeton on May 8 will be held with Somerville, April 30, but the coaching and training of the teams for the triangular debate will begin immediately after the Brookline meet.