Trials Will Settle Final Order of Speakers.--Judges Announced.

One of the most important debates of the series given since the final trials in preparation for the University triangular meet with Yale and Princeton will be held this afternoon in the New Lecture Hall at 2 o'clock. The eight men retained will debate on the question: "Resolved, That the women of the United States should be given the suffirage on equal terms with men." They will speak in the following order; affirmative, E. R. Adams '14, J. Bovingdon '15, H. Epstein '16 and P. L. Sayre '16; negative, R. L. West '14, L. Brewer 3L., B. H. Knowllenberg 1L., F. Stern 3L.

These men will make twelve minute speeches and five minute rebuttals. The announcement of the final make-up of the teams will be made next Tuesday. The work of all the men has been of exceptional quality, and the coaches, D. C. Howard 3L., C. E. Dunbar 3L., and L. Curtis '05 expect to turn out another winning team this year.

All of the judges for the triangular debate have now been chosen. The presiding officer will be E. H. Warren A.B., '97, LL.B., '00, Story Professor of Law; the three judges are Samuel J. Elder, attorney for the United States before the Hague Tribunal, Samuel W. McCall, formerly Congressman from Massachusetts and Walter I. Badger, former counsel for the Boston and Maine, and now attorney in Boston.