Red and Gray Team and Brookline High Men Surpassed Rivals in Interscholastic Contest.

Exeter Academy won the second annual Interscholastic Gymnastic. Meet held at the Hemenway Gymnasium on Saturday night. Soon after the meet started, it was evident that the affair was going to be practically a dual meet between Exeter and Brookline High, as all the first and second places were divided between these two schools. Captain F. G. Dusossoit of Brookline High was by far the best individual performer, winning 20 out of the 26 1-2 points that his team obtained. Next to Dusossoit came Captain J. M. White of Exeter who won a first and two second places, getting 11 points.

The summary:

Club Swinging.--Won by Anderson (E.); second, Garside (E.); third, Whitney (W.); no fourth.

Side-horse.--Won by White (E.); second, Dusossoit (B.); third, Peck (A.); fourth, tie between Woodworth (W.) and Nixon (B.).

Parallel Bars.--Won by Dusossoit (B.); second, White (E.); third, Beaty (E.); fourth, Basso (A.).

Flying Rings. -- Won by Dusossoit (B.); second, Stewart (B.); third, Joannet (B.); fourth, Peck (A.).

Horizontal Bars.--Won by Halliday (E.); second, White (E.); third, Dusossoit (B.); fourth, Nixon (B.).

Tumbling.--Won by Dusossoit (B.); second, Smith (E.); third, Beatty (E.); fourth, Basso (A.).

The points were divided thus: Exeter, 31; Brookline, 26 1-2; Andover, 5; and Watertown, 2 1-2.