Of Interest to Law Men

Ames Prize Won by Marshall Club

The prize for the best brief in the Ames competition in the Law School has been awarded to the Marshall Law Club for the brief of H. H. Breland 2L., and P. O. Edmunds 2L., on behalf of the defendants in the case of "Myers vs, Assignees of Saunders."

Copies of the winning brief may be found in the Ames competition box.

Third Year Finance Committee.

The following members of the third year class of the Law School have been appointed to serve on the Finance Committee, to canvass the class for funds for future reports: Herbert John Connell, of Omaha, Neb.: Prescott Whitehouse Cookingham, of Portland, Ore.; Peter Edward Costello '11, of South Boston; Robert Harold Holt '11, of Gardiner, Me.; and Melville Monheimer '12, of Seattle, Wash.

Valuable Book Received

A manuscript book of high interest and value has just been presented to the library of the Law School by Mr. C. P. Greenough '64, LL.B. '69, a prominent Boston lawyer, and one of the visiting committee of the Law School. It contains original acknowledgements of sureties on writs of error in the English Court of King's Bench between 1760 and 1775, autographed by many famous jurists, including Lord Mansfield. Judge Foster, Judge Blackstone, the author of the commentaries, and many others. As a collection of autographs, of which it has 543, the book is one of the most of table in the possession of the University.