President and Fellows, at Recent Meeting in Boston, Make Appointments to Many Offices.

The President and Fellows of Harvard College, at a recent meeting in Boston, voted to make the following appointments for one year from September 1, 1914.

Austin Teaching Fellows: in Botany, George Safford Torrey '13; in Zoology, Leslie Brainerd Arey 2G., Herbert Green-leaf Coar, and David Henry Wenrich, 2G., in Chemistry, James Bryant Conant 1G., William Ward Davies 1G., Tenny Lombard Davis 1G., Morris Folger Hall 1G., and Greek and Latin, Lester Burton Struthers 3G.; in Mathematics, Rolland Ryther Smith '15; in Philosophy, Ralph Mason Blake 3G., and Henry Thomas Moore 3G.; in Psychology, John Henderson Beazley 2G.; in the Cryptogamic Herbarium, Arthur Bliss Seymour G.S. '84, in Zoology, Alfred Clarence Redfield 1G. Victor Vugve.

Assistants: in Anthropology, Robert Gorham Fuller '04; in Botany, Harold St. John '14; in Chemistry, Edward Logan Campbell, Lawrence Turner Fairhall 1G., Merritt Roy Grose 2G., Fred Leslie Grover 2G., Hugh Wilson Josephs '14, Aram Hovhannes Khachadoosian 1G., and Charles Wadsworth 3d, A. M. '13.

Instructors in Mathematics: Willard Hayes Garrett, Harry Davis Gaylord '07, James Wallace Hopkins, James Stevens Mikesh 1G., William Edmund Milne, A.M. '13, and Levi Thomas Wilson 1G.

Tutors in the Divisions of History, Government, and Economics: Harold Hichens Burbank, Dartmouth '09; James Grover McDonald, Indians University '09.

Auditor and manager, respectively, of the Harvard Dining Halls: Charles Jacob Gale '10, and Frederick Wilkey.

Secretaries to the Corporation: George Peabody Gardiner, Jr., '10; Francis Welles Hunnewell, 2d. '02.

It was also voted: That Recorder George Washington Cram '88 be appointed a member of the Resident Executive Board from April 27, 1914, in place of assistant Dean Yeomans, resigned; that assistant Professor Lawrence J. Henderson '98 be appointed the Professor from Harvard University for the second half of the year 1914-15 under the interchange agreement between the University and the Western colleges; that the Ricardo Price Scholarship for 1914-15 be assigned to William C. Clark 2G.