Nominations to Dining Council From Memorial and Foxcraft Halls.

Thirteen men have been nominated for the University Dining Council from Memorial Hall and ten from Foxcroft Hall. Three will be elected from each list tomorrow at lunch and dinner. The nominations are as follows:

Memorial Hall.--For re-election, William John Bingham '16, of Lawrence; for election, Ozero Carl Brewer 2L., of Murfreesboro, Ark.; Carl Gates Freese '15, of South Framingham; Howard Redwood Guild, Jr., '17, of West Roxbury; Charles Cochran Keedy 2L., of Hagerstown, Md.; Bernhard Henry Knollenberg 1L., of Richmond, Ind.; David Wilber Lewis '15, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; William Moulton Marston '15, of Cliftondale; Milton Everett Petersen '16, of Omaha. Neb.; Warren Bruce Pernie '15, of Springfield; Daniel Crosby Robinson '17, of St. Paul, Minn.; Maurice Suravitz 2L., of Scranton, Pa.; Edward Otto Tabor 1L., of Pascagoula, Miss.

Foxcroft Hall.--For election, Frank Peer Beal, And., of Inglewood, Cal.; Homer Hargrove Breland 2L., of Derby, Miss.; George Henry Durgin '15, of Exeter, N. Y.; John Winthrop Lincoln '15, of Hingham; John Louis Phelon '16, of Granville Centre; Henry Aloysius Sasserno '15, of Dorchester; Rolland Ryther Smith '15, of Springfield; George Frederick Stowell '15, of Worcester; John Sarkis Tomajan '14, of Worcester, Berger Verner Zamore '15, of Cambridge.