Veteran Backfield in Good Shape.--Places Open in Line.

Practice for the 1914 football season had an auspicious opening on Monday, September 14, with 68 men reporting. This number was increased to 75 by the end of the week. During the four days of practice in the present week the total on both squads has jumped to 85, 40 of these being on the University and 45 on the second squad.

All the coaches have assembled under head coach Haughton. The coaching squad includes Leo Leary '01 and G. Browne, for the ends, R. H. Guild '05 as head coach of the second team, P. Withington '10 as head coach of the Freshmen, T. J. Campbell '12 for the backs, R. H. Hitchcock '14 for the tackles, D. C. Parmenter '13 for the centres, and R. T. Fisher '12 for the guards. E. A. Graustein '13 is supervising the backfield of the second team.

Despite the excessive heat, the squads have had a hard season of preliminary work. The first week was taken up by regulation drills in dummy tackling, starting and formations. On Tuesday of this week the men were let into the Stadium field and scrimmage was begun immediately, team A lining up against the seconds. Coach Haughton lost no time in putting the men through their scrimmaging in earnest and the work has increased in intensity every day. Teams A, B, and C have in turn been sent in against the seconds, the latter being replenished from time to time from the side-lines.

Except for several line positions, the personnel of the Varsity seems a fairly fixed proposition. With Mahan and Bradlee centered around Captain Brickley in the backfield the team has a veteran combination hard to match. Mahan has been leading in the punting line, his boots averaging over 50 yards, and all of them well-placed. Both Hardwick and Felton are running close seconds to Mahan in this department, while Bradlee's punts are high and carry well.

The candidates for the quarterback position are, of course, headed by Logan. His generalship in handling his football machine was illustrated last year and his efficiency is undoubtedly on the increase. The list of possible substitutes for the position includes Swigert, Watson, Cottrell, Winsor, Donerty, and Willcox. From among these the coaches are counting on developing several second-string men of good calibre, but the filling of the position is decidedly a problem.

The exact make-up of the line is probably more shaky than any department of the eleven. Pennock is certain of his guard position, with Cowan, Underwood, and Weston fighting it out for guard on the other side of centre. At the latter position Soucy seems to be the most likely candidate, Trumbull going to fill the position of right tackle. Bigelow, Atkinson, and Wallace are all out for the pivotal berth. For tackle material Haughton has, outside of Trumbull, to choose from a number of heavy men, D. P. Morgan, Sweetser, F. B. Withington, R. C. Curtis, Elken, and Cleary among them.

Hardwick showed his special ability as an end when shifted to that position last season. Coolidge bids fair as the man for the other extremity, with H. St. J. Smith, L. Curtis, and Felton close seconds.

D. Sigourney '15 was several days ago elected captain of the second.

The following 40 men comprise the Varsity squad: H. M. Atkinson '15, J. L. Bigelow '16, F. J. Bradlee '15, C. E. Brickley '15, W. A. Cleary '15, T. J. Coolidge '15, T. F. Conway '15, R. R. Cowan '16, L. Curtis '16, R. C. Curtis '16, J. A. Doherty '16, E. A. Douglas '17, G. L. Elken '15, C. C. Felton '16, H. Francke '15, M. H. Gerumsky '17, D. Greene '16, H. R. Hardwick '15, J. C. Harris '17, R. S. C. King '16, M. J. Logan '15, G. A. McKinlock '16, E. W. Mahan '16, D. P. Morgan '16, J. E. P. Morgan '17, S. B. Pennock, '15, W. Rollins '16, E. W. Soucy '16, H. St. J. Smith '15, H. L. Sweetser '17, E. S. Swigert '15, W. H. Trumbull '15, W. J. Underwood '15, D. J. Wallace '16, D. C. Watson '16, A. J. Weatherhead '15, M. Weston '15, A. Winsor '16, W. Willcox '17, F. B. Withington '15