H. A. A. and Season Tickets on Sale--Dates for Applications.

H. A. A. tickets which admit owners to all contests on Soldiers, Field, except the baseball and football games with Yale, and to membership in either the Weld or Newell Boat Club upon registering at the boat house and paying the required locker fee, are now on sale to members of the University only at Leavitt & Peirce's at five dollars each. Football season tickets, admitting to all football games played on Soldiers Field by the University team, except that with Princeton, are on sale to members of the University and the public at the following places: in Cambridge at the Co-operative main store, Amee's, Brine's, and Leavitt & Peirce's and in Boston at Filene's, Wright & Ditson's, and the Harvard Club, and on the day of games at the box offices at the Field. The price is three dollars each.

The holder of either an H. A. A. or season ticket will this year be given the privilege of purchasing at the regular reserved price one special ticket for each game admitting a friend accompanying him to the section reserved for season tickets. This privilege will extend to all home games, except those with Michigan and Princeton. If the holder of an H. A. A. or season ticket prefers to sit on the regular reserved seat side, the coupon of his ticket admitting to any game will be accepted at the admission price charged for that game as part payment for a regular reserved seat.

Football Applications.

Tickets for the Michigan, Princeton, Brown and Yale games will be handled on the application system introduced last year.

The great capacity of the new bowl at New Haven, in which the Yale game will be played this year, makes possible certain important changes in the application privileges for that game. This year, therefore, each applicant may apply for four seats as a maximum instead of two, and they need not be for "personal use"; also an applicant for more than one seat may elect to have one of them for his personal occupancy, in the cheering section, as indicated on the application blank. It will be possible to accept the applications of men who have studied at Harvard College for less than two years.

Individual application blanks for the above four games will be mailed about October 5 to all graduates eligible to apply, whose signature cards are already on file. Applications from others will not be honored until their signature cards have been filed. Blank cards may be obtained by sending stamp to the Harvard Athletic Association.

Tech. Students May Apply.

Students now in the University, including Technology students who are candidates for a Harvard degree, must make out their applications in person at the office of the Athletic Association, which will be open for the purpose after October 5.

Tickets assigned on student applications will not be mailed, but must be called for at the office of the Association during the five days preceding the day of each game.

Applications close for the Michigan game, Friday, October 16; for the Princeton game, Friday, October 23; for the Brown game, Friday, October 30; for the Yale game, Thursday, November 5.