Regular Practice Began Monday.--Pumpelly Displaced by LeGore.

After two weeks' preliminary practice at Madison, Conn., the Yale football squad returned to New Haven, Monday and commenced regular morning and afternoon work on Yale Field. Coach Hinckey announced that the scheme of practice to be followed at present would consist of light work in the morning and scrimmaging and actual playing in the afternoon. Because of the recent hot weather the afternoon practice has been late in order to get the best work out of the men.

The gates have been closed this week for all practice. Coach Hinckey explained this by announcing that it was done in order to have open practice as often as possible after college opens on October 1. More open practice, it is believed will tend to stir up greater interest and more enthusiasm in the student body for the team. The management hopes to play the Brown game in the new "Bowl" in order to have one game on the new field before the Harvard game on November 21. However from the present progress of construction it is doubtful whether it will be ready until just before the final game. Quite a bit of sentiment has been aroused against tearing down the field, for it is thought that the old field should be used for daily practice and the minor games.

The only injury of importance to date is the bruised ankle sustained by Braun, and end on last season's eleven, which will keep him out of practice for a week. Pumpelly has been playing fullback on the scrubs while LeGore has starred at the same position on the first team. The line-up for the first eleven in scrimmage has been as follows:

Higinbotham and Church, ends; Talbot and Driscoll, tackles; Oakes and Harbison, guards; Wylle, center; Wilson quarterback; Ainsworth and nowles, halfbacks; LeGore, fullback.