Initial Games in Scrub Hockey Series Will Take Place Today.

The scrub hockey series will start on the Stadium rinks this afternoon at 2.15 o'clock. It is important that the teams report promptly as the games must be finished by 3.15 o'clock to make way for the second and Freshman teams. Today the La Toscas will play the Pierce Pets, and the Alphalphas the Chuck-a-Pucks. Tomorrow the New Moons will line up against the Hard Guys, and the Late Comers against the H. P. W's.

The ten teams which have entered the series will be reduced as rapidly as possible to three, after which a round robin will be played. If the men who have signed up individually organize, they will be entered in the second round.

The following rules will govern the series:

(1). Any team which is unable to play when scheduled, must notify the CRIMSON at least one day in advance or forfeit the game.

(2). Teams which do not report at the rink within 10 minutes of the time set for the game, will forfeit that game. If neither team reports, both will default unless some previous arrangement has been made.

(3). Each team must have a manager, whose duties shall be to assume complete charge of the team, and to have a list of the men who play on his team, together with the score, in the box pro- vided for that purpose in the CRIMSON office before 7 o'clock on the day of the game.

(4). One substitute from each team will referee the games in the preliminary round. Referees for the final round will be appointed by those in charge of the series