The fall tennis tournament for the University championship in singles, which was prevented by rain from starting last Friday, will begin on Jarvis and Soldiers Fields today at 2 o'clock. Matches will be decided by the best two out of three sets, except in the semi-finals and finals, when there will be three out of five. No postponment of matches will be allowed and contestants who do not appear within 15 minutes of the appointed time will be defaulted. Men playing on Jarvis Field must post their scores on the chart there before 6 o'clock on the day of their match. Men playing on Soldiers Field must drop their scores into a box, provided and marked for that purpose, in the CRIMSON Office before 6.30 o'clock. Failure to do this will mean that both contestants will be defaulted.

Entries for the doubles closed Saturday. Matches will begin on Wednesday, the places and times to be announced in Wednesday's CRIMSON.

Following are the drawings for the first round of today's play:

On Jarvis Field at 2 o'clock: W. C. Starr '17 vs. J. P. Stearns, J. Bruce vs. R. R. Ayres '15, S. B. McKinley '16 vs. R. H. Kettell 2G., R. A. Curtis vs. M. Blodgett '18, H. Fiske, Jr., vs. P. F. Reniers '16 At 3.15 o'clock: C. W. Timpson '18 vs. J. B. Cummings 3L., T. P. Fowler '16 vs. Henry R. Guild '17, W. I. Badger 3L. vs. W. H. Moses '16. At 4.30 o'clock: J. M. Gazzam '17 vs. E. B. Benjamin '18, A. M. Reed '16 vs. W. B. Stevens.

On Soldiers Field at 3.15 o'clock: W. W. McLeod '19 vs. R. G. Richards '16, F. V. B. Demarest '19 vs. J. G. Quimby '16. At 4.30 o'clock: C. G. Coulter '19 vs. H. C. Place.

Following are the drawings for the second round of today's play:

On Jarvis Field at 1 o'clock: O. Williams vs. L. Bullock '17. At 2 o'clock: L. E. Bullard '17 vs. W. D. D. Morgan '18, E. Kiernan '18, vs. E. Kuhn '18, D. Poesky 1L. vs. D. M. Brunswick '18, A. P. Whitaker vs. D. J. Kenefick '17, M. H. Leavey '18 vs. D. S. Gates '17, G. H. Howes 2l. vs. W. Hugus 3L., W. C. Peebles '17 vs. R. Inwin, C. F. Eton '17 vs. W. L. Myers, L. L. Fitz '17 vs. F. R. Armstrong 3L.; E. F. Smiley '17 vs. C. H. Newman 3L., B. Knollenberg 3L. vs. Howard R. Guild '17, C. M. Crain 1G. vs. W. W. Rice '18. At 3.15 o'clock; W. D. Buckham 3L. vs. W. Rand '17, E. W. Bruer 2L. vs. C. C. Patterson '16, D. Gregg '18 vs. P. A. Hill '16, P. King, Jr., vs. R. S. Tucker '18, W. Campbell '16 vs. B. Parker, P. K. Ellis '18 vs. D. K. Dunmore '18, E. G. Allen '16 vs. H. Talcott '18, P. Townsend '18 vs. T. W. Whitall '17, R. L. Bennett uC. vs. C. G. Harris 2G., C. B. Sloane '16 vs. E. O. Baker '17, R. N. Rhinelander '18 vs. R. A. Newman 8L., A. I. Smith vs. W. B. Kahn 1G., J. B. Burnham '17 vs. F. S. Hyde '16, T. B. Scott '18 vs. R. C. Bentley '17. At 4.30 o'clock; W. W. Spencer '18 vs. H. H. Bell '17, T. S. Derr '17 vs. W. Lenz 31, W. D. Miller '18 vs. S. M. Stellwagen 4L., W. L. Avery vs. C. L. Davis 8L., E. A. Manning '16 vs. R. S. Gordon uC., R. Baldwin '17 vs. T. A. Leighton 1L., G. H. Pendleton vs. S. S. Pierce, P. R. Ladd '16 vs. H. W. Salisbury '17, H. Feis '16. vs. W. Richmond '18 S. Hallard '17 vs. H. A. Scranton '16, G. H. Hallett 1G. vs. D. P. Mansfield '16, J. C. McMullin '17 vs. A. Eltinger 2L., G. W. B. Hartwell '17 vs. R. Semmes 3L., G. B. Blaine '17 vs. C. N. Stone uC., R. Kennedy uC. vs. R. E. Moore 3L., A. S. Peabody '16 vs. M. A. Taylor '19.

On Soldiers Field at 2 o'clock; L. Jackson '19 vs. A. Guifford '16, W. H. Lillie vs. C. M. Shrieve '19, R. C. Rand '19 vs. A. L. Pitman '19, R. A. Talbot '19 vs. J. P. Vogel '18. At 3.15 o'clock; J. L. Tildsley '19 vs. E. Whit 1L., J. S. Levy '19 vs. E. Ettenheim '16. At 4.30 o'clock; C. Jennings 1L. vs. A. R. Speare '19, M. L. Gerstle '19 vs. G. E. Hoskins '16, R. Winsor '19 vs. H. H. Kerr, M. C. Hobbs '17 vs. W. C. Clarke '19