Team A Defeated B 2 to 1 in Scrimmage.--Practice Game Saturday.

The University association football team A defeated team B on Monday afternoon in a hard 45-minute scrimmage by the score of 2 to 1. Emmons, although inexperienced, is doing well at goal, and the candidates from last year's Freshman team, especially Cooke, are showing up well. The places left vacant by the graduating members of last year's team are not yet definitely filled, and more candidates are urged to come out this fall.

The first practice game of the season will be played on Soldiers Field next Saturday afternoon, with the General Electric team of Lynn. The first league game will be at Princeton on November 6, the day of the Princeton football game. A training table for the team will be started in a week or ten days.

The teams on Monday lined up as follows: Team A--g., Merril: l.f.b., Thurber; r.f.b., Friedmen; c.h.b., Moffatt; r.h.b., Hartwell; l.h.b., Bean; e.f., Cooke; l.i.f., Bates; r.i.f., Woods; r.o.f., Kellett; l.o.f., Weld.

Team B--g., Emmons; l.f.b., Gray; r.f.b., Krachmainikoff; v.h.b., Whiting; r.h.b., Robinson; l.h.b., Reilly; c.f., Jennings; l.i.f., Emery; r.i.f., Huhne; r.o.f., Smith; l.o.f., Rogers.