W. J. Murray '18 Made Presentation Followed by President Lowell and Dean Yeomans.

The dedication of the sun-dial presented to the University by the class of 1918 took place yesterday afternoon. W. J. Murray '18, president of the Sophomore class made the formal presentation of the pedestal, expressing the appreciation of the class of 1918 to President Lowell and all who made the Freshman Dormitories a reality.

President Lowell thanked the class of 1918 on behalf of the University and expressed himself as pleased with the standard set by the class.

Dean Yeomans, in contrasting Harvard of the present with the University as it was many years ago, said that this dedication pointed to the fact that there has been a great change in the feeling of the undergraduate toward the College; the undergraduate of today feels strongly the obligations he owes. The pedestal he called "an enduring monument to the spirit of 1918."

The pedestal, which stands in the triangle between Standish and Smith Halls, bears the following inscription: "Class of 1918: the First Class to Occupy the Freshman Halls. Presented Oct. 6, 1915."