Undergraduates Must Call at H. A. A. By 6 o'clock.--10,200 Mail Applications Answered.

All undergraduates who have applied for tickets to the Yale game and who have not yet called for them at the H. A. A. are reminded that the distribution of Yale tickets closes this evening at 6 o'clock. If any applicant cannot occupy one of the seats himself, he must return the tickets to the H. A. A. Violation of this agreement, without permission of the management, will be sufficient ground for blacklisting. Any Harvard man whose tickets are sold or offered for sale at a premium will be black-listed.

Although the wooden stands at the Stadium have been made larger than ever before this year, and as a consequence have been placed three yards farther back, yet their occupants will be nearer the field of play than in the past, for the gridiron has been moved five yards nearer. The seats in the bowl will not be materially affected by this change.

The H. A. A. has mailed 10,200 of the tickets, not including those to undergraduates, so that they reached the applicants on Monday or yesterday. Tickets for New York state were sent out Friday night, and those for New York city on Saturday. The tickets for those outside the Boston postal district were mailed Sunday night.