Princeton Actors Will Travel Nearly 5000 Miles

The Princeton Triangle Club will take the longest tour ever arranged for a college dramatic organization in the Christmas holidays. The schedule arranged for "The Evil Eye," this year's musical production, takes in thirteen cities, necessitating the club's travelling about 5,000 miles. The usual spring performance will also be given in Princeton, and probably some other nearby city, making 25 performances in all.

As usual the play is entirely the work of undergraduates from book and music to scenery and costumes. It was written by Edmund Wilson '16; F. S. Fitzgerald '16, who wrote many of the lyrics in last year's show, also wrote this year's songs; while much of the music was written by P. Dickey '17 and F. W. Guilbert '17.

The first performance will be given in the ballroom of the Bellvue-Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia. The New York performances will this year be given in the Waldorf-Astoria.

The schedule follows: December 22--Philadelphia. December 23--Cincinnati, December 24--Louisville. December 25--Memphis. December 27--St. Louis. December 28--St. Paul. December 29--Minneapolis. December 30 -- Chicago. December 31 -- Pittsburgh. January 1 -- Baltimore. January 3 -- Washington. January 5 -- Montclair.