Faces Cornell Team in Intercollegiate Series This Afternoon.

The University association football team will meet the Cornell eleven in the fourth game of the intercollegiate series on Soldiers Field this afternoon. The Cornell squad will arrive in Cambridge this morning and will lunch at the Varsity Club with the University team. Each team has played four games in the series and at present Cornell is one point above the University, having tied one game. Yesterday afternoon the University squad had final practice and much time was devoted to accurate goal-shooting, the team's one great weakness. In the games so far the University eleven has shown much strength on the offensive and defensive and yesterday's practice in goal-shooting will make the team a great deal stronger than last week when Yale was played. The game with Princeton which has to be played over, and which was scheduled for Saturday has been again postponed.

The teams will line up today as follows: HARVARD,  CORNELL Emmons, g.  g. Roth Freedman, l.f.  r. f., Thomas Daly, r.f.  l. f., Landers Moffat, c.h.b.  c. h. b., Garguilo Hartwell, r.h.b.  l. h. b., Spiegelberg Bean, l.h.b.  r. h. b., Wurtzburger Cooke, c.  c., Swerdlore Bates, l.i.f.  r. i. f., Dyer Wood, r.i.f.  l. i. f., Hybben Kellett, r.o.f.  l. o. f., Lasser Weld, l.o.f.  r. o. f., Laughlin

Referee, Connelly. Time of halves, two 35-minute halves.