Inexperienced Material of This Year Should Form Strong Combination for Next Season.

Although the past soccer season left much to be desired in the way of games lost and won, still there are many features about it which are most encouraging and which point to a more successful record next fall.

Only two letter men were available when practice started this fall. Around this meagre nucleus the team had to be constructed. Furthermore, the material available, while promising, was inexperienced and much work was needed to develop it into a team.

Out of the fourteen men who received their insignia this fall, eight will be eligible for next year's eleven. The greatest loss comes in the graduation of Captain Weld '16, who was the mainstay of the line this season. Other men to graduate are S. A. Hartwell; Jr., '16, D. Moffatt '16, L. G. E. Reilly '17, who graduates in three years, S. A. Robinson '16, and R. W. Wood, Jr., '16.

Of the eight men returning two stand out pre-eminently as big factors in next year's team. Captain elect O. G. Daly '17 will be back at his old position of fullback and R. C. Cooke '18 will again be available in the centre of the line. Cooke scored more than half the total goals shot during the entire season and in the last games he was the only one to tally.

Two new players of considerable ability will be eligible next year. They are F. C. Diamond, uC., and E. E. Lucas '19, Diamond, who has had considerable experience on teams abroad, was unable to play this fall on account of the one-year residence rule. He is very accurate in shooting for goal, a department of the game which the 1915 team was sadly ignorant of. Lucas, the captain of the Freshman team, is a steady player and ought to fill in at one of the halfback positions.