Princeton Contest Put Off for Second Time by Bad Weather.--Teams Will Play Today if Possible.

Princeton, N. J., May 24.--For the second time, bad weather has caused the postponement of the Harvard-Princeton baseball game. The Harvard nine arrived here this afternoon at 12 o'clock, and appeared on the field ready to play at 2. As rain seemed imminent, Captain Hardwick tried to have the game started early, but the Princeton leader objected, and the two teams waited until 3 o'clock, when Umpire Stafford called the contest off on account of the weather. The Harvard squad immediately returned to their headquarters in New York. In case it becomes impossible to play tomorrow, there may be a double header on June 5, when Harvard and Princeton are scheduled to play the second game of their three-game series.

Four Games Within a Week.

The University team is now at an obvious disadvantage, for the men must return from the trip with the Dartmouth game scheduled the day of their return. Within a week, the nine has four hard games to play; with Princeton today, with Dartmouth tomorrow, and with Brown on Saturday and Monday. The teams will line up today as follows: HARVARD.  PRINCETON. Abbot, 2b.  l.f., Hanks Mahan, p.  s.s., Gill Nash, 1b.  r.f., Greene Gannett, r.f.  1b., Douglas Harte, c.  c.f., Driggs Hardwick, l.f.  3b., Shea Brickley, c.f.  2b., Law Phillips, s.s.  c., Kelleher Beal, 3b.  p., Deyo, Link

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