Freshman Nine Plays Pilgrims

The Freshman baseball nine will meet the Pilgrims, a team of former college players mostly from the University, on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock. H. E. Reeves '12, who is the coach of the 1918 players will probably catch for the Pilgrims.

The Freshmen will bat in the following order: 2b., Wiswall; 3b., Murray; 1b., Knowles; l.f., Wyche; r.f., Ginn; s.s., Enwright; c.f., Percy; c., Stephens; p., Hitchcock or Harrison.

Training Table Begun.

In anticipation of the game with the Yale freshman nine on Monday the Freshman baseball squad will eat from now on at a special table in the Smith Halls Dining Room.

The men who are now eating at the Training Table are: DeF. Anthony, P. B. Boyden, M. P. Delano, W. Elliott, Jr., P. K. Ellis, E. Ginn, C. L. Harrison, Jr., W. C. Hitchcock, M. W. Horne, W. F. King, J. Knowles, Jr., R. M. Loring, W. J. Murray, J. Palache G. A. Percy, Jr., R. J. H. Powel, Jr., Coach H. E. Reeves '12, A. Rosenberg, E. W. Rossiter, W. W. Rice, J. Stuart, F. H. Stephens, T. C. Thacher, Jr., G. R. Walker A. D. Weld, H. C. Wiswall, and C. Wyche.