University's Next Opponents Have Defeated Yale and Princeton

The University baseball team will have to play a sterling brand of ball if it is to continue its winning streak, for it is now well into the difficult part of the schedule. From now on it will meet nines of proven ability and great strength.

Brown, the opponent in the games of tomorrow and Monday, has defeated both Princeton and Yale. On May 19, Brown won an 8-7 victory at New Haven, and on Wednesday of this week shut out Princeton with a score of 8 to 0. The team which on Tuesday touched up Mahan for seven safeties, was able to make but one hit off Crowell, the Brown pitcher. Furthermore, Crowell's team gave him great support by hitting safely for a total of ten. It is highly probable that Crowell will pitch tomorrow.

Williams, the team which comes to Soldiers Field next Wednesday, has also defeated Yale and Princeton, and on last Saturday took an 8 to 4 victory from Bates, the last team to defeat the University. Since Williams' spring trip, the team has made an average of 303 at the bat.

To meet these strong rivals, the University sends in a team which seems to have reached its final shape, and which has proven itself the possessor of great latent ability. Three of the last games have been taken in extra innings. The hitting has improved noticeably, and now that the infield has taken a satisfactory arrangement, the fielding should not take long in reaching late-season form. Unless Reed's bad knee improves considerably, and his hitting makes a like change, it seems improbable that he will displace Phillips at short, so that the problem of the nine's make-up has practically been settled. At this time, Mahan seems the University's best in the box, while behind the plate, Waterman's greater experience seems unable to outweigh the superior hitting ability of Harte.

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