No Punches or Distilled Liquors to be Allowed Commencement Week.

The following rule relating to the presence of punches and distilled liquors in College rooms on Class Day and Commencement Day will be in force this year as usual.

"No punches or distilled liquors shall be allowed in any College room on Class Day or Commencement Day. Every tenant of the College shall be held responsible for the observance of this rule in his own room, and he shall not allow the use of his room on those days by any class secretary or other person or persons without the previous written consent of the Bursar, who shall not give his consent in any case until such class secretary or other person or persons shall have filed with him a written agreement that this rule shall be complied with."

Tenants of College rooms who are not to be students of the University in 1915-16 are required to remove furniture from their rooms on or before June 26. The outer doors of all College buildings will be locked on June 27, and will be opened again on September 17. Men wishing to enter a room during the summer must give the janitor a written permit signed by the owner.

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