Maxim Has His Supporters.

(We invite all men in the University to submit communications on subjects of timely interest, but assume no responsibility for sentiments expressed under this head.)

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

During the agitation which has been going on recently in favor of a better army and navy and for the purpose of widening the scope and field of usefulness of the summer military camps, it has been amusing to note the stand which the CRIMSON has taken. The CRIMSON is no doubt a great factor in shaping the ideas and raising the ideals of the unthinking undergraduate, but it is a question as to whether every undergraduate holds this same view. We feel that each individual has ideas of his own upon the subject, and that, on the whole, they may differ from those which the CRIMSON has so frequently and so magnanimously expressed.

It is probably a serious matter for the CRIMSON to pursue the dove of peace with an open cage and a pinch of salt, but while engaged in this inspired pursuit, it should keep one eye out for other person's, flower beds that might be trampled upon.

Mr. Hudson Maxim has with great generosity made a gift to the Seniors. The Seniors do not wish to have the view of this gift expressed by the CRIMSON's editorial of yesterday accepted as the one voicing their sentiments as a whole, and we, at least, disclaim any attempt of the CRIMSON to take the obligation from our shoulders, and hereby express our thanks to Mr. Maxim for his gift, and our appreciation of his personal sacrifice.  J. GARLAND '15  H. W. SCHROEDER '15  J. W. BALLOU '15  FRED S. HOPKINS '15  PAUL BLACKMUR '15  B. P. WHITNEY '15