First and Second University Crews and 1918 Eight Defeated.

In the annual Yale regatta on the Thames at New London on June 24 and 25, the University won two of the five races, the Freshman four and the graduates' contest. Yale easily won the principal event of the regatta, when the University regulars were beaten by seven lengths. The Yale boat started with a leap before Harvard's oars had touched the water, an initial spurt which put Yale almost immediately half a length ahead. Harvard rowed a faster stroke almost throughout the race, but fell behind constantly as the Blue showed no signs of weakening or overstraining. The University also lost the Freshman and second University races, although in the latter contest there was less than a length between the two boats at the finish. On the first day of the regatta Harvard scored a clean sweep, winning handily in the Freshman four and graduates' eight events.

The orders of the crews follows:

University.--Stroke, C. C. Lund '16; 7, H. B. Cabot '17, 6, K. G. B. Parson '16; 5, J. W. Middendorf '16; 4, B. Harwood '15; 3, T. E. Stebbins '17; 2, D. P. Morgan, Jr., '16; bow, H. A. Murray, Jr., '15; cox., H. L. F. Kreger '16.

Yale.--Stroke, A. Morse; 7, C. D. Wiman; 6, C. Meyer; 5, A. D. Sturtevant; 4, J. R. Sheldon, Jr.; 3, S. Low; 2, C. Bennitt; bow, C. J. Coe; cox., A. McLane, Jr.

Harvard second eight.--Stroke, F. W. Busk '16; 7, H. T. Meyer '15; 6, H. S. Middendorf '16; 5, W. Richardson '17; 4, J. Talcott, Jr., '16; 3, A. Potter '17; 2, R. R. Brown '17; bow, F. H. L. Whitmarsh '16; cox., A. A. Cameron '17.

Yale second eight.--Stroke, W. Adams, Jr.; 7, C. W. Gamble; 6, M. M. Whittlesey; 5, L. W. Fox; 4, R. H. Kositzky; 3, S. W. Atkins; 2, R. G. Gilfillan; bow, A. M. Munson; cox., C. Pratt.

Freshman eight.--Stroke, M. Wiggin; 7, H. A. Quimby; 6, M. Taylor; 5, E. Nathan ;4, A. W. Pope; 3, D. L. Moody; 2, H. G. Simonds; bow, N. Braser; cox., M. A. Hawkins.

Yale freshman eight.--Stroke, G. F. Lawrence, 7, R. G. Coombs ;6, R. L. Coleman, Jr.; 5, L. M. McNaughton; 4, J. L. Glover; 3, R. R. S. Converse; 2, F. H. Lovejoy; bow, W. A. Rockfeller; cox., T. H. Lashar.

Freshman four.--Stroke, J. M. Franklin ;3, B. Williams; 2, P. M. Cabot; bow, T. T. Mackie; cox., R. B. Place.

Yale freshman four. -- Stroke, A. R. Hyatt; 3, W. H. Seward; 2, O. B. James; bow, J. Englis; cox., W. Baker.

Harvard graduates.--Stroke, E. Farley '07; 7, R. W. Cutler '11; 6, L. Withington, Jr., '11; 5, J. Lawrence '01; 4, W. T. Gardiner '14; 3, G. P. Metcalf '12; 2, G. vonL. Meyer '13; bow, G. H. Balch '12; cox., C. T. Abeles '13.

Yale graduates.--Stroke, J. A. Appleton '14; 7, R. Romeyn '13; 6, H. L. Rogers '14; 5, H. Roberts '09; 4, R. B. Meyer '14; 3, H. L. Livingston '09; 2, H. Bolton '07; bow, C. C. Elwell, Jr., '11; cox., P. Barnum '13.