Matches Will be Played in Tournament Form.--Individual Cups for Winning Team.

Sixteen teams have entered the scrub hockey series. The matches will be played off in regular tournament form, according to a schedule which is to be announced tomorrow. The drawings for the first round are as follows:

Linconimps vs. Chuck-a-pucks; Composites vs. Puck Lifters; Canucks vs. Hard-boiled Eggs; Oscar II's vs. KaChoos; I. O. U.'s vs. No Names; Never- Sweats vs. La Toscas; Makeups vs. Theodore Fords; Dark Horses vs. Hard Guys.

Individual cups will be awarded to the members of the winning team, including a cup for the manager, or for a substitute if the manager is also a player. The managers have adopted the following rules in regard to the series:

If a team does not report within 20 minutes of the scheduled time, it is eliminated from the series; or if both teams do not report, both are eliminated. If a game is scheduled when there is no ice, it will be postponed, and the two managers will decide on a new date.

Not more than one hockey "H" man, or two "H2d" men and one "H" man, or three "H2d" men may play on the same team.

The games will consist of two 15-minute halves; in case of a tie, "sudden death" will be played after a rest of five minutes. Re-substitution will be permitted. A referee for each game is to be chosen by the managers of the two competing teams. Each team must have a manager, who may be a player and who is to have a list of his team, and be responsible for the team's arrival on time to the games.

The team entries are as follows:

Canucks.--O. R. Atkinson 1G., H. Cartlidge, And., R. A. Clemen 2G., F. D. Graham 1G., O. W. Graves 2G.B., R. J. Leslie 1G., O. Maass 1G., C. L. McAlpine 1L. (manager), O. J. Walker 1G.

Chuck-a-pucks.--O. Ames, Jr. '17, H. Amory '16, H. B. Cabot '17, R. Harte '17, G. A. McKinlock '16, H. Morgan '17, W. Rand, 3d. '17, L. Saltonstall 2L. (captain), F. M. Weld '17 (manager), F. S. Whittock '16.

Composites.--A. S. Anderson '17, W. C. Clark '19, R. E. Dickerman '18, G. G. Garceau '19, H. W. Gleason '17, R. K. Kenna '17, (manager), J. S. Myers '19, W. T. Snow '18, G. E. Vitkin '16.

The Dark Horses.--S. Adams ocC. (manager), R. S. Cowan 1L., G. H. Kissel '17, A. R. Martin '19, L. Saltonstall 2L., P. H. Smart 2L., J. Townsend '18, R. W. Walker '18, E. M. Wanamaker M.I.T.

Hard Guys.--E. B. Condon '18, E. H. Ellison '17, J. C. Harris '17, L. M. Lombard '17, D. Miller '17, P. H. Smart 2L., Moseley Taylor '18, Murray Taylor '18, G. Townsend '17, F. W. Whitmarsh '16, W. Whitney '16 (manager), B. Williams '18.

Hard Boiled Eggs.--D. Appleton '18, D. K. Dunmore '18, J. M. Franklin '18, A. Gardner '18, E. Ginn '18, W. King '18, D. M. McElwain '18, R. J. Powel '18, H. Talcott '18, C. W. Timpson '18.

I. O. U. s.--J. J. Cronin '16, J. A. Doherty '16, T. H. Enwright '18, F. G. Fripp '16, B. M. Fullerton '16, J. A. Gilman '17, D. E. Judd '16, E. W. Mahan '16, E. W. Soucy '16.

Ka Choos.--H. S. Bothfield '17, H. R. Clapp '16, F. P. Coolidge '16, D. K. Dunmore '18, E. H. Ellison '17, G. M. Lee '16, H. L. Nash '16, W. W. Rice '18, R. D. Roquemore '17, F. C. Whitmarsh '16, W. Whitney '16 (manager).