Singles and Doubles Tournament Goes on Today at Jarvis Field.

The annual fall singles and doubles tennis tournaments will continue this afternoon on Jarvis Field. Ayone failing to show up within five minutes after the time scheduled for his match will lose by default.

The following singles matches will be played:

At 3.45 o'clock: W. Rand 1G vs. J. V. Austin '18 (3 out of 5 sets); S. P. Speer 1L vs. G. W. Helm '20; H. G. M. Kelleher '18 vs. E. B. Benedict '18.

The following doubles matches will be played.

At 2 o'clock: W. B. Stevens '19 and G. Emery '19 vs. P. F. Stevenson '19 and F. W. Hatch '19; J. Harper 1G and H. Morgan '17 vs. D. R. Scott 1G and J. R. Morse 2G; G. B. Kayser 3G and A. H. Alexander 3G vs. R. H. Kettell 3A and partner.

At 2.45 o'clock: A. E. Kirk '20 and P. G. Woodward '20 vs. G. H. Smith 1G and N. R. Cutler '19.

At 3.45 o'clock: H. R. Guild '17 and C. Jennings 2L vs. S. Ballard '17 and K. P. McDearmott; H. Wentworth '17 and T. S. Balir '18 vs. W. Chandler 1L and E. A. Niles 1L.

At 4 o'clock: R. Kennedy '17 and A. L. Lipman 1L vs. L. Jackson '19 and F. B. Kittredge '19.