Winners of Doubles Tournament Decided This Afternoon.

R. Kennedy '17 and R. L. Lipman 1L defeated H. R. Guild '17 and C. Jennings 1L in the last semi-final match of the annual doubles tennis tournament on yesterday afternoon by the score of 1-6, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4. They will play W. Rand 1G and R. C. Rand '19 today at 2 o'clock.

Interclass trials will continue today and contestants may change the time of the matches by notifying the management in advance. The class teams will be picked today, and the matches will begin tomorrow.

The following play today: at 2 o'clock, R. L. Hobbs '17 vs. T. W. Whitall '17, V. G. Kirov '17 vs. H. Wentworth '17, M. Hobbs '17 vs. E. D. Baker '17, D. Kenefick '17 vs. J. S. Pfaffman '17, D. K. Dunmore '18 vs. L. E. Green '18, winner to play P. Townsend '18 at 3.45; W. D. Miller '18 vs. C. W. Timpson '18, winner to play E. Kuhn '18 at 3.45; R. H. Kissel '19 vs. F. Warburg '19, H. De C. Ward '20 vs. E. C. Johnson '20, A. Claflin '20 vs. A. E. Kirk '20, C. W. Wooldredge '20 vs. A. K. Marsh '20, H. G. Trevor '20 vs. P. G. Woodward '20, E. G. Rogerson '20 vs. G. W. Helm '20.

At 3.45 o'clock: P. R. Ladd '17 vs. C. D. Hanscom '17, H. G. M. Kelleher '18 vs. W. D. D. Morgan '18, J. V. Austin '18 vs. E. B. Benedict '18, F. Warburg '19 vs. L. Jackson '19, P. G. Woodward '19 vs. N. R. Gutler '19.