Virginia Only Team Losing on Saturday Among Opponents Still on Schedule of University.

Yale 36, Washington and Jefferson 14.

Princeton 7, Dartmouth 3.

Brown 21, Rutgers 3.

Vanderbilt 27, Virginia 6.

The University's future opponents were all victorious in their football games last week, with the exception of Virginia, but neither Yale, Princeton nor Brown showed the decisive superiority over their antagonists that the University displayed in its game.

Brown was given a bad scare when Rutgers held them scoreless the first half. It was not until the latter part of the third quarter that on a trick play Pollard was able to carry the ball over the goal line. But it was a costly victory, for five of the Brown team were seriously injured and one was removed to the hospital with a fractured skull.

Reports say that Dartmouth outplayed Princeton in practically every department of the game Saturday. The score stood three to nothing in favor of the Hanover eleven in the third quarter when Driggs intercepted a pass and ran 65 yards for the only touchdown of the game. Princeton played a kicking game throughout both halves.

By its victory of 36 to 14, Yale avenged itself for the defeat by Washington and Jefferson last year. The Eli eleven displayed a strong rush line and a well-balanced backfield. The star of the game as usual was Legore, who kicked long punts, intercepted forward passes and made his usual share of touchdowns. Both teams played an open game.