With 11 "H" men from year's squad in College and some good material from the successful 1919 team available, the prospects for the coming hockey season are decidedly encouraging. If M. Taylor '18 receives his discharge from his regiment, which has been doing service at the border, in the to register, there will be 12 "H" men available.

Only three members of the 1915-16 squad have been lost through graduation: C. S. Clark '16, defense; L. Curtis '16, forward, and A. F. Doty '16, who played coverpoint of last year's championship team. The veterans to return are E. O. Baker '17, R. Baldwin '17, T. H. Eckfeldt '17, T. K. Fisher '17, J. E. P. Morgan '17 (captain), W. O. F. Morgan '18, G. A. Percy '18, T. H. Rice '17, T. C. Thacher, Jr., '18, g. Townsend '18 and J. I. Wylde '17.

The defence will again be built around Captain Morgan at point and Wylde, who has been playing goal for the past two seasons. Among the candidates for Doty's position are T. H. Eckfeldt '17, A. W. Gardner '18, R. W. Marshall '19, W. Platt '19, H. K. White '19, and G. B. Woods '19, the four last all letter men from last year's Freshman team. For the forward line there will be last year's complete first and second lines: T. C. Thacher '18 and M. Taylor '18 at right wing; T. H. Rice '17 and W. O. P. Morgan '18 at left wing; G. A. Percy '18 and T. K. Fisher '17 at right centre; E. O. Baker and R. Baldwin '17 at centre. Other candidates for the forward line will be H. M. Lombard '17, G. 0Townsend '18, R. H. Kissel '19, captain of the 1919 team, and several other promising Sophomores.

There will be a meeting of all the candidates about the 28th of the month, and regular practice will begin shortly after December 1.

The University hockey team played nine games last year, winning the last seven. It was defeated 1 to 3 by the B. A. A. and 3 to 4 by the Canadians from Queen's University, but won in succession from Cornell, 2 to 0; Princeton 3 to 0 and 2 to 0; McGill, 4 to 1, the first victory over the Ottawa seven since 1911; Dartmouth, 6 to 0, and Yale, 2 to 0 and 4 to 2, thus winning the intercollegiate championship.