Ell Football Team Rated by Duffey as Superior to Other Big Teams

In an article writen especially for the Yale News, Arthur Duffey, sporting editor of the Boston Post, comes to the conclusion that Yale has a football team capable of defeating both the University and Princeton that fall. In his opinion. Yale "possesses a good defence and harder hitting offence than her two rivals, and in addition has the two big assets for a victory, a 'threat' in the person of Legore and the 'punch,' a style of play developed by Jones at Exeter and now being instilled into the Yale team."

After stating that Princeton lacked this "Punch" and were weak on the ends of the line. Duffey goes on to discuss the University's outlook. He does not believe that Casey will prove a serious "threat" because of his inability to punt. If fact he classes the entire team as second-rate with the exception of the ends and tackles and Captain Dadmun. He is particularly severe on he backfield with the exception of Casey.

In his criticism of the Yale team Duffey says: "Yale, although out of the rut of former years, lacks a good string of second team men. In general yale's defence has been more than above the average but her offence, though often brilliant, is at times ragged. . . . The one weak spot on the Yale line seems to be at tackle. . . . One flagrant weakness has been the weak defence and protection given the kicker. In every game this year Yale has had a kick blocked." But in spite of these few defects, Duffey thinks that Yale's powerful line will hold both of its opponents and will make holes in the University's and Princeton's lines for its own backs to gain through.