28-Page Issue With Sepia Supplement to be Sold at Leading Hotels.

The 28-page CRIMSON on Saturday, including the eight-page illustrated sepia supplement will be on sale at leading New York hotels by noon that day. It may also be purchased in the Boston hotels, at the Cambridge subway stations and at all newsstands in Cambridge. The issue will contain full information in regard to the rival elevens, their statistics, past scores and a criticism of their respective merits by R. W. P. Brown '98, and a story dealing strictly with Princeton University, its founding, and its growth.

In the sepia supplement there will be pictures of the University, Princeton and Freshman squads, the coaches, individual pictures of prominent players and the two head coaches, and two action pictures.

After the game an extra containing a detailed play-by-play account of the game will be issued and will be an sale by the time the returning crowd reaches the Anderson bridge.