Coach Winsor Shifting Players in Search for Most Effective Team.

Coach Winsor is trying out all possible combinations in the line of the University hockey team in order to be able to pick the most effective and consequently displaced E. O. Baker '17, who has been a regular since the opening of practice, and R. H. Kissel '19 with G. Townsend '18 and A. H. Bright '19. The new line-up of forwards proved fast and heady with the result that the first team was able to score three times in 15 minutes against team D. Two of these goals were by Townsend, scored as the outcome of brilliant individual work, and the other was made by a long shot of G. A. Percy '18.

Townsend's Playing Spectacular.

Townsend played a hard, steady game at left centre and worked well with T. H. Rice '17 at left wing. These two players kept the puck almost entirely down in front of the substitutes' goal and did some clever passing along the boards. Townsend, in particular, carried the puck frequently through the opposing team, his individual work as well as team play standing out conspicuously. Percy was easily the fastest man on the ice and was, besides, brilliant on the defence, slowing up the scrub forwards by skating across in front of them when they had the puck, but his shooting was not as accurate as Townsend's. D. Appleton '18, on team C, continued the fast playing he has been doing all week.

Hockey Club Tied.

Teams B and C played a scoreless tie and the Boston Hockey Club and team E battled to a 1 to 1 score, C. W. Timpson '18 making the goal for the University substitutes.

The first two teams lined up as follows:

Team A: Bright, r.w.; Percy, r.c.; Townsend, l.c.; T. Rice, l.w.; Thacher, c.p.; Morgan, p.; Wylde, g.

Team B: Gress, r.w.; Condon, r.c.; Baker, l.c.; W. Rice, l.w.; Eckfeldt, c.p.; White, p.; Abbot, g.