The second election of Senior Class officers will take place next Tuesday, December 19. The polls will be in Phillips Brooks House and will be open from 9 to 6 o'clock. The offices to be voted on are the secretary, class committee, photograph committee and Class Day committee. At the same time a vote for ivy orator will be taken between James Warren Feeney, of Andover, and Hunt Went-worth, who were tied for the position in last Wednesday's election.

The nominations made by the Senior nominating committee are as follows:

Secretary: Percival Spurr Howe, Jr., of West Newton; Roger Defriez Hunneman, of Brookline; Edward Allen Whitney, of Augusta, Me.

Class Committee (two to be elected): Robert Baldwin, of West Newton; Henry Bromfield Cabot, Jr, of Brookline; Amory Coolidge, of Magnolia; Harrison Gardner Reynolds, of Readville; John Irtron Wylde, of Boston.

Photograph Committee (three to be elected): Graham Burt Blaine, of Taunton; Francis Higginson Cabot, Jr., of New York, N. Y.; Theodore Clark of Spokane, Wash.; Herbert Bartlett Courteen, of Milwaukee, Wis.; William Darrah Kelley, 3d, of Chattanooga, Tenn.; Laurence Manuel Lombard, of Winchester; George Ayer Parsons, of Brookline.

Class Day Committee (seven to be elected): George Ezra Abbot, of Andover; Charles Edgar Ames, of Dedham; Randolph Randall Brown, of Utica, N. Y.; George Colket Caner, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Harrie Holland Dadmun, of Arlington; Jose Calderon Harris, of Brookline; Charles Higginson, of Brookline; Charles Higgison, of Brookline; James Windsor Hubbell, of Des Moines, Ia.; William Henry Meeker, of New York, N. Y.; Jon Melcher, of New York, N. Y.; Henry Whitney Minot, of Boston; John Edward Parsons Morgan, of New York, N. Y.; Homer Loring Sweetser, of Brookline; James Clarke White, 2d, of Boston.

Additional nominations may be made by petitions signed by 25 members of the class and handed to J. W. D. Seymour '17, Matthews 18, today.