Fast Team Work in Second Half Cinched Contest for Yearlings, Final Score Being 2 to 1.

The Freshman association football team won from the Norwegian Athletic Club on soldiers Field on Saturday by the close margin of 2 to 1. The first half ended with the two teams fighting neck and neck, neither having been able to secure a score. The Freshmen started the second period with a rush and carried the ball down the field from the kick off for a goal, G. Crompton '20 making the shot. The second tally was added shortly afterward by a difficult shot from the side by s. Sewall '20.

With the score standing 2 to 0 against them the visitors braced up considerably and faced the attack. Just before the close of the period Captain Weiby Scored the goal which saved his team from a shut-out.

The teams lined up as follows: 1920  NORWEGIAN A. C. Washburn, G.  g., Johnson Glaser, l.f.b.  r.f.b., Kjellin Frazier, r.f.b.  l.f.b.,Weiby Lauer, 1h.b.  r.h.b.,I. Anderson Tilton, c.h.b.  c.h.b., H. Anderson Giddings, Walsh r.h.b.  l.h.b., Hanson Macy, l.o.f.  r.o.f., J. Hyman Sewall, l.i.f.  r.i.f., Olerud Anderson c.f.  c.f., Jaddes Crompton r.i.f.  l.i.f, Schylander Lanman, r.o.f.  l.o.f, Klafstad

Fifteen Awarded Numerals.

The following Freshmen have been awarded their numerals for work on the soccer team this season:

Larz Ferguson Anderson, of Cincinnati, O.; Arthur Thomas Branigan, manager, of Wayland; George Crompton, Jr., of Worcester; Floyd Harris Frazier, of Chicago, III.; Franck Edwin Giddings, Jr., of Great Barrington; Joseph Glaser, Jr., of St. Louis, Mo.; James Francis Hennessey, of Lawrence; Ludlow Thomas Lanman, of Lawrence, L. I., N. Y. ; Jack Ross Lauer, of Scranton, Pa.; Valentine Everit Macy, Jr., of Scarborough on Hudson, N. Y.; Alexander Mitchell Robinson, of Jamaica Plain; Sumner Sewall, of Bath, Me.; Gardner Tilton, captain, of Lexington; Albert Haslam Walsh, of Reading, and Slater Washburn, of Worcester. These awards are subject to the approval of the Athletic Committee and Student Council.