C. A. Coolidge, Jr., '17 chosen in New York World's Line-up--Boston American Picked W. H. Wheeler, Jr., '18 on All-Eastern Team--Harvard Not in New York Sun's Choice.

Now that the last games of the 1916 football season have been played the various "dopesters" throughout the country have begun ranking the teams and picking mythical elevens. The New York Times has announced its opinions of the Eastern teams, giving Pittsburg first place and putting the University in sixth place. the order of the first 15 teams is as follows:

1. Pittsburg; 2, Colgate; 3. Brown; 4. Yale; 5, Army; 6, Harvard; 7, Princeton; 8. Pennsylvania; 9, Georgetown; 10, Dartmouth; 11. Navy; 12, Cornell; 13. Penn. State; 14, Washington and Jefferson; 15, Lehigh.

The honor of the championship of the Eastern elevens is awarded to Pittsburg because that team has gone though the season undefeated, winning all its games but one by overwhelming scores. Colgate's defeat of brown places it second and the providence eleven, with victories over both Yale and the University comes next.

The Yale team's fighting spirit places it in fourth place, the Brown defeat being the only mark against its record. Although the Army was undefeated, it was opposed by such weak teams that it is placed below Yale.

In putting the University in sixth place the Times makes the following comment; "Harvard's eleven failed to approach the standard shown by Crimson elevens in recent years. With the same Haughton system, plenty of promising material, and every indication of another high-class eleven, the Crimson failed against Tufts, Brown and Yale, and just squeezed through with a victory over Princeton. The Harvard line was the weak point in the structure. On other Harvard teams, the Haughton tactics of delayed passes and hidden ball plays got results because of a strong line.

"As long as the line was solid he backfield had time to get the elusive plays in operation. The trouble with Harvard this season was that the line was not strong enough to protect the backfield till it got under way; in consequence the opposing players got through and stripped Harvard's secret plays of all their mystery. . . . . It is a surprising feature of this gridiron season to see the Crimson down to sixth place in the ranking of the teams.

Boston American Chooses Wheeler

The only University man to receive a place on the all-Eastern football team as picked by J. W. Moran, Jr., of the Boston American, is W. H. Wheeler, Jr., 18, who played left tackle on the University team all fall. Two Yale players, Comerford and Black are given positions Princeton is given no place on the team and the other positions are divided among eight different colleges, Georgetown receiving two.

On the second eleven, E. L. Casey '19 was placed at one of the halfback positions; Gennert, Hogg and McLean, of Princeton, make up the right side of the line, and Yale is represented by Moseley at left end. Pittsburg and Colgate are each given two places, with one each for Brown and Pennsylvania.

The first eleven is made up as follows; Comenford, l.e.  Yale Wheeler, l.t.  Harvard Black, l.g.  Yale Peck, c.  Pittsburg. Garrett, r.g.  Rutgers O'Connor, r.t.  Georgetown Miller, r.e.  Pennsylvania Anderson, q.  Colgate Gilroy, l.h.b.  Georgetown Pollard, r.h.b.  Brown Oliphant, f.b.  West Point

Coolidge on New York World's Eleven,

C. A. Coolidge, Jr., '17, left end on the University team is the only University player who finds a place on the New York World's first all-Easter eleven, Moseley, Black and Gates, of Yale, are placed at end, guard and tackle, respectively. McLean of Princeton is chosen as one of the tackles, and Hogg is placed at guard.

The University is represented by three players in the world's second all Eastern eleven, R. Harte '17 being picked for left end, W. H. Wheeler '18, for tackle and E. L. Casey '19 for fullback.

The line-up for the New York World's first all Eastern eleven follows: Coolidge, l.e.  Harvard McLean, l.t.  Princeton Black, l.g.  Yale McEwan, c.  West Point Hogg, r.g.  Princeton Gates, r.t.  Yale Moseley, r.e.  Yale Shiverick, q.  Cornell Pollard, l.h.b.  Brown Oliphant, r.h.b.  West Point Berry, f.b.  Pennsylvania