The first hockey practice of the season was held in the Arena yesterday afternoon when a squad of 62 men reported to Coach A. Winsor '02. The work lasted over an hour and consisted chiefly of shooting practice for the wings and centres. There were so many men on the ice that it was a complicated matter to give them all a fair show. The line candidates were divided into two squads, one of which was composed largely of "H" men and veterans from last year's squad, and lines formed from each squad practised carrying the puck down the ice. Pairs of backs were sent in later to face them. The goal guards for the veteran squad were J. I. Wylde '17, G. E. Abbot '17 and E. M. Martin '18, who alternated at stopping the puck. Although the ice was good, the men were naturally slow at shooting and erratic on their skates. The hockey candidates who played football were excused from practice and will not report for several days.

P. Smart '14 will again coach the Freshman team this year. Candidates for the team will be called out at a meeting in the Smith Halls Common Room next Friday evening, December 8, at 7.30 o'clock. Captain J. E. P. Morgan '17, P. Smart '14, and R. D. Hunneman '17 will speak and will outline the work for the season. Practice for the 1920 team will begin on the following Monday, December 11. Provided there is no ice, practice will be behind the Hemenway Gymnasium and will consist of a shooting drill followed by a conditioning run.

Freshman Managers Report Thursday.

The competition for manager of the Freshman hockey team will start next Thursday, December 7, at 1.30 P. M., when all candidates for the position should report to R. D. Hunneman '17, Thayer 37. There are five positions to be filled by Freshmen, manager and assistant manager of the 1920 team together with the managership of the three dormitory teams. No previous experience is necessary.