Yale Alumni Weekly Urges Less Vigorous Contest for Elis in Preparation for Clash With University--Princeton Hookey Squad Numbers 17 With 6 Regulars.

Asking for a change in the football schedule of games between Yale, Princeton and the University, whereby the University has a two-weeks rest between its big games while the other colleges have but one, the Yale Alumni Weekly writes as follows:

"Now that Yale may finally look with a little more equanimity at the future, football-wise, it is quite to the point to raise a question or two which it was not possible to raise during the time Yale could not rise above the conditions imposed upon her. There are a number of such questions; but what we particularly refer to is the present Princeton Harvard-Yale schedule, wherein Harvard has a two-weeks' rest between her two final games while Princeton and Yale both have to play their two games on successive Saturdays. . . This year Yale probably met no stronger opponents than Colgate and Brown, while all of her so-called 'minor team' opponents gave her very hard games. This left the team so worn-out physically that many of the players were in poor condition in the two final games, and several of the best of them could not play at all. Playing Harvard and Princeton on successive Saturdays is not good either for the game or for the players. Princeton, of course, has the same problem; Harvard alone has not.

"We do not suggest that Yale completely rest her players between the two final games; if a game is worth playing at all it is worth playing with the best one has. But a revised schedule, which would put a less vigorous game in between the two final games for both Princeton and Yale, would meet modern conditions and be much fairer to both than the present one-sided arrangement can ever be."

Hockey Prospects Bright at Princeton,

The principal feature of the second practice of the Princeton hockey squad in the St. Nicholas Rink was the inability of the scrubs to prevent the first team from scoring. The playing of the whole squad, however, was ragged and great improvement must be shown in shooting especially.

The prospects for the team this season are very bright, for six of last year's regulars are now reporting regularly for practice and there is good last season's freshman material to draw from. After the final cut which was made last week the squad consists of 17 men. The members of last year's team included are H. W. Ford who filled the position of goal so brilliantly in the games against the University seven last year; W. H. Schoen, captain, who played centre; P. W. Hills, former left wing; W. Y. Humphreys, cover point; J. T. Scully, point, and H. B. Cushman, right wing. Among the first-string substitutes of last year who are on the squad at present is H. W. Cohn, who ably filled Ford's position at goal. Eight 1919 men are trying for the team.

Penn, Colleges for One-Year Rule.

Pennsylvania colleges are co-operating in an effort to enforce the one-year rule in college athletics in the state. Steps were taken at a meeting of the Pennsylvania College Presidents' Association to prohibit helping star athletes from preparatory schools by offering them social or financial inducements to enter a certain college to play on athletic teams. It was decided to enforce strictly the rule which prohibits freshmen from having membership on university teams. The colleges represented in this campaign for cleaner athletic methods are Muhlenburg, Gettysburg, Haverford; University of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania State College.

267 Aided by Tiger Employment Office.

The Princeton Bureau of Self-Help, which corresponds to the University's employment office, now has an enrolment of 267 members, all of whom have been given opportunities or remunerative positions. Seventy-two of this number are seniors, 89 are juniors, 75 sophomores, and 31 freshmen.

The university dining halls employ 99 men, of whom ten are seniors, 18 are juniors, 36 are sophomores and 31 are freshmen. A remission of at least two thirds and possibly the whole of their board bills is assured to these men. Sixty seven men earned substantial amounts selling programs at the football games. More than 6,800 programs at 50 cents apiece were sold with a profit to one man of $30 and a profit to no man of less than $5. The entire editing and distribution of the programs were in the hands of students and none of the money from the sale of them went out of the undergraduate body except that which was paid to the printer and the engraver. Many students took advantage of the commission offered on the sale of Pictorials and Tigers. The Princeton Athletic Association has helped the Bureau greatly by employing students for ticket-takers and ushers at the football games. The ticket-takers at the early-season games received only admission but the 100 men who took tickets at the Yale game received $245, which was divided among them equally. Those who acted as ushers and sold seat cushions received admission only.

Opportunities Have Wide Range,

The other opportunities offered by the Bureau are varied. Twelve students have received employment as stenographers, four have positions in the university store, three are employed at the college office, and many act as monitors in class rooms.

The number of men who are receiving scholarships or remissions of tuition is 156. A student must not stand below the third group in scholarship and must prove that the assistance is absolutely needed to receive a remission of from $100 to $125 a year. He is also restricted in the amount of his college expenses. Those who stood in the previous year in the first group will be given scholarships of $175, providing the other conditions are complied with, and those whose standing was in the second general group are eligible for $150 scholarships.

23 Games for Williams Nine.

The Williams baseball schedule, containing 23 games, has just been announced. The game with the University is scheduled for June 4, and will be played at Cambridge. Princeton is to be played early in the season, the date being April 13. Cornell, Dartmouth and Yale are also on the schedule, the latter game to be played at New Haven on May 2.