Interclass Football Contests Commence This Afternoon at 3 O'clock.

The interclass football series will start this afternoon when the Seniors will meet the Freshmen and the Juniors will oppose the Sophomores on Soldiers Field. The games were postponed from yesterday but with the additional material which reported yesterday, each class should have a representative team when the elevens line up at 3 o'clock this afternoon. The winners of today's games will play for the class championship of the University on Thursday.

The Freshman team appears to have an advantage over the other three because the men have been playing together all the fall, all members of the large 1920 football squad being eligible to play except those who won their numerals against Yale. The Sophomore team, which has been practising for several days, should make a good showing, but the lack of candidates for the Senior and Junior elevens will impair their chances of success.

Those who are ineligible to compete, besides the Freshmen who played against Yale, are all members of the University squad and those who won their "H2" on the second team. The members of the winning team will receive their class numerals in an oval.

Before playing in the interclass series, every man must have taken a strength test. The football management will supply clothes and equipment.