Fact and Comment

Secondary Schools Equally Effective.

The current issue of the Alumni Bulletin contains the following article, giving interesting facts about the scholarship holders in the University:

"It is an encouraging fact that out of the 63 scholars of Group I, 23 have won John Harvard Scholarships; and out of the 165 of Group II, there are 65 Harvard College Scholars. But the point on which we should like to lay special emphasis is that among these honorary scholarship holders the men of public and private school preparation are almost equal in number. Of the John Harvard scholars, 13 came from public schools, 10 from private; of the Harvard College scholars, 30 from public schools, 35 from private; a total of 43 public and 45 private. Thus it appears that the public schools of the country, in their preparation of the boys whose work in College is both done and ranked without reference to tangible rewards, are doing the thing quite as well as the private schools which devote themselves primarily to a scheme of secondary education leading straight to the college doors. Much has been said about the need of a bridge between the college and the public schools. It is now just about as long and broad, if the figures here brought forward are faithful guides, as the bridge from the private school to the college.

"But an increase is now desirable in work of high scholarly rank among men unurged by the pinch of necessity."