The Freshman hockey team wound up a very successful season on Saturday by decisively defeating the Yale 1919 seven, 6 to 1, in the New Haven arena. The final outcome of the contest was in doubt only once, at the beginning of the second period when the Yale team started a spirited rally and bombarded the Freshman goal again and again, although only successful in getting a single goal into the cage.

The game was unusually rough at times, White '19 receiving a severe gash on the forehead from a collision with Fox of Yale.

The New Haven team was fully as strong as its opponents in speed and individual ability, but were outclassed by the Freshmen's superior team-work and ability to cover up their goal.

The Freshmen had no individual stars, as is shown by the fact that all six goals were shot by different men. However, both Captain Kissel and Bishop played remarkably well, the former starting the scoring early in the opening period and the latter materially keeping the scoring down by his spectacular goal tending.

The Freshmen started things going early in the game when Captain Kissel '19, after 3 minutes of play, took the disc and shot the first goal for his team. Towards the middle of the period White '19 and Gross '19 each managed to slip the puck into the cage, making in all three tallies for the first half to Yale's nothing. The second half was opened by a desperate rally on the part of the Yale team which resulted in a goal by Fox, after 2 minutes of play. Shortly after this score, Fox was considerably shaken up by a collision with White '19 and when play was resumed the Yale team seemed to lack the spirit displayed at the opening of the half, and the Freshmen again became aggressive. After 10 minutes had elapsed, Flagg '19 started the scoring again for his team and immediately after, Merrill '19 came through with another tally. A few minutes before time was called Phinney '19 scored the sixth point and brought the scoring to a close.

The summary is as follows:

FRESHMEN.  YALE 1919.Platt, l.w.  r.w., WardMerrill, l.c.  r.c., FoxKissel, r.c.  l.c., G. StanleyGross, Flagg, r.w.  l.w., FinkenstaedtMarshall, Clark, c.p.  c.p., C. StanleyWhite, Platt, Phinney, p.  p., ParkerBishop, g.  g., Stuar