The eighth annual intercollegiate debate under the triangular system will be held this evening at 8 o'clock. The University will meet Princeton in Sanders Theatre, and Yale at New Haven, while Yale will meet Princeton at Princeton. In each case the negative teams will debate at home.

Tickets for the debate in Sanders Theatre this evening may be obtained at Amee Brothers' Book Store, the Co-operative Branch, or at the door this evening. Seats on the main floor will be sold for 50 and 75 cents, and those in the balcony for 25 cents.

The university winning the decision in two of the simultaneous debates will be awarded the championship. Thus far the University has had the best record, having won the championship three times, while Yale and Princeton have each won it once. Last year the victory went to Yale, for both of her teams gained decisions on the subject of an increase in armament. The debate this evening will be the twenty-fifth annual contest with Yale and the twenty-first with Princeton.

The subject of the debate tonight is: "Resolved, That the United States should adopt a system of compulsory military service modelled after that of Switzerland." The University negative team which will meet Princeton is made up of C. A. Trafford, Jr., '16, H. Epstein '16, and J. H. Spitz '17, with A. G. Aldis '17 as alternate. The men will speak in this order, and the order of the rebuttal will be the same. The Princeton team is composed of J. C. Taylor, J. T. Martin, and W. M. Johnson, Jr., who will speak in the order given. The Princeton order of rebuttal has not been determined.

Each speaker will be allowed 12 minutes for his main speech and five minutes for rebuttal, with warnings at the end of 10 minutes and four minutes. The Honorable Joseph Pelletier, of Boston, will preside, and the judges who will render the decision are: President Edmund Clark Sanford, of Clark University, Worcester; Dean Homer Albers, of the Boston University Law School; and Dr. Lewis Perry, headmaster of Phillips Exeter Academy.

The following students have been chosen as ushers for the debate: K. B. G. Parson '16, R. Harte '17, W. L. Robinson '16, J. C. Harris '17, Moseley Taylor '18, W. Whitney '16, and H. C. Flower, Jr., '19.

The Princeton team arrives this morning, and will make its headquarters at the Hotel Touraine. Both the University and Princeton team as well as the judges will be the dinner guests of Judge A. P. Stone '93 at the Boston Harvard Club, while immediately after the debate the University Debating Council will give a dinner at the Speakers' Club. The members of both teams, the presiding officer, the judges, and a few former University debaters have been invited. Judge A. P. Stone '93 will act as toastmaster, and informal speeches will be made by several guests.

The University affirmative team leaves for New Haven this afternoon. The team will be accompanied by Manager M. Roth '17, Coach A. A. Berle '13, and alternates D. Davis '18 and L. Brentano '18. The members of the team in the order of their speeches are: A. G. Paine '17, B. E. Carter '16, and E. R. Roberts '16. The order of rebuttal will be the same. The Yale negative team which opposes the University is as follows: E. W. Brown, G. Murphy, and A. R. Bellinger, with R. A. Dudley as alternate. At the same time tonight the Yale affirmative team will meet the Princeton negative team in Princeton. D. L. Keane, W. W. Pickett, and E. S. Pinney will represent Yale, with J. W. Osgood as alternate, while S. D. Sherwood, W. B. Barnitz, and B. B. Atterbury, with P. Cooper as alternate, will debate for Princeton.

University Negative Team.

Following are the statistics of the University negative team which will debate Princeton in Sanders Theatre tonight. The men will speak in the order given.

Charles Adelbert Trafford, Jr., '16, of Worcester, prepared at Exeter. He is 22 years of age. He debated on his Freshman team and on his Sophomore champion interclass team. He has been secretary of the University Debating Council 1914-15, and president 1915-16.

Henry Epstein '16, of Brooklyn, N. Y., prepared at Brooklyn Boys' High School. He is 21 years of age. He debated on his Freshman team against Yale, his Sophomore champion interclass team, and on the University team in 1914 and