Capt. Russell Came Fourth in Individual Honors in Tourney.

The University fencing team secured fifth place in the finals of the Intercollegiate Fencing Championship held at the Hotel Astor, in New York, last Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening, winning 18 bouts and losing 27. First place was won by the United States Naval Academy with a score of 36 bouts won and 9 lost. Yale took second place with a score of 28 bouts won, and 17 lost. Columbia proved equal to the third position, by winning 23 bouts and losing 22. Cornell took fourth place, with 19 victories and 26 losses, and Pennsylvania brought up the rear with a record of 10 bouts won and 35 lost.

Individual honors in the tourney were won by Louis Monquin, captain of the Columbia University fencing team, with an exceptionally good score. Monquin registered fourteen victories and had only one defeat throughout the three sessions of fencing. Captain W. H. Russell '18 was the only contestant who succeeded in mastering Monquin, defeating him in one of the afternoon contests by a score of 18 to 17. Russell secured fourth place for the University in the individual honors, while G. H. Code '18 won fifth place.

The individual sabres championship went to C. De V. Headlee, of the United States Naval Academy.

One of the most spectacular bouts of the occasion was that between Captain R. P. Pfileger of Yale and Captain W. H. Russell '18.