The first spring production ever attempted by the Cercle Francais will be performed in the Copley Theatre, formerly known as the Toy, at 188 Dartmouth street, Boston, this evening at 8 o'clock. Two plays comprise the offering, "Servir," and "Edgar et sa Bonne." They will be performed by the Cercle Francais only once at the Copley Theatre.

Following the performance there will be dancing in the ballroom of the theatre. Tickets to the play are now on sale at $1.50, $1, 75 cents, and 50 cents each at Herrick's and the Co-operative Branch, or may be obtained from H. L. Carroll '18, Dunster 26. Tickets will also be on sale at the Copley Theatre all day.

The cast for the plays is composed of members of the two Cercles Francais, in the University and in Radcliffe. Students from the latter college will take the feminine roles.

"Servir" is a war drama in two acts, by Henri Lavedan, and "Edgar et sa Bonne," by Labiche, is a one-act farce. The "Servir" was first produced in Paris in 1913 at the Theatre Sarah Bernhardt, and, with the foremost of modern French actors, M. Gintry, in the chief role, was highly successful. It was written while the trouble between France and Morocco was still going on, and, very appropriately to the talk of today, it shows the struggle between a militarist father of the old school and a pacifist son with modern ideas. Although the play was composed before the outbreak of the present European war, the play ends with the declaration of war between France and Germany.

The casts for the plays are as follows:

SERVIR.Colonel Eulin,  Hardinge Scholle '18Lieutenant Eulin,  R. D. Longyear '18General Gerard,  F. C. De Wolf uC.Madame Eulin,  Doris Halman 1916Pauline,  Marjorie Williams 1917Le Ministre de la Guerre,  G. P. Slade '17  EDGAR ET SA BONNE.Edgar,  J. G. Beebe-Center '19M. Veauvardin,  L. M. Quirin '19Henriette,  Ethel Keep 1916Madame Beaudeloche,  Margaret Carver 1918Florestine,  Mary Corner Reed 1919Le Notaine,  A. Cooper '1