Eli Nine Has Won Only Six Out of Fifteen Contests.--Garfield Proves the Best Pitcher.

The Yale baseball team has come through a rather unsuccessful preliminary season, and now faces a schedule of hard games throughout the rest of the year.

In the Southern trip Yale won two out of the five games played, beating Pennsylvania 1-0 and the University of Virginia 7-0. Catholic University won from Yale 3-2 and Johns Hopkins 11-10, while Georgetown triumphed 3-1.

Since then the team has shown steady improvement in both fielding and batting. The defeat at the hands of Pennsylvania by score of 8-7 on April 29, however, proved costly, for Captain Vaughn sustained a strained tendon and has just returned to his position again. The next game, with Holy Cross on May 3, was won by Yale 4-2, the fielding of the victorious team being particularly brilliant. On May 5 Yale won again, defeating Georgetown 4-1 in a well-played game. This winning streak was broken up by Virginia, which, on May 6, overwhelmed the Yale team 13-1, amidst ragged fielding on the Blue's part and heavy hitting by the winning nine, and Dartmouth defeated Yale 3-0 on May 10.

Garfield has proved the most consistent pitcher and has been cool and steady in facing opposing batsmen. Walsh and Watrous are disposed to be erratic,--being effective at times and treated harshly by hostile batters at others. Underwood has pitched little.

Captain Vaughn is rated as the heaviest hitter on the team, with an average of 420. He is placed sixth in the college individual batting. Bush, Munson, and Snell have also done some timely hitting.

A general summary of the scores of the games played from the Southern trip up to date shows that, out of 10 games. Yale has won 4 and lost 6.