Regimental Orders

The attention of the members of the Regiment is called to the fact that the following formations included in the "Schedule of Training" are compulsory for all, and that no one will be excused except through sickness or injury:

1. Sunday, May 21, Regimental Manoeuvres.

2. Saturday, May 27, Preparedness Parade, Boston.

3. Sunday, May 28, Regimental Drill, including Ceremonies, preparatory to the formation on Memorial Day.

4. Monday, May 29, 7.30 P.M., Company Drill. Time allotted, 1 hour. This is also in preparation for the Memorial Day exercises.

5. Tuesday, May 30, Memorial Day. Military exercises and Review prescribed for that day.

Members must bear in mind that the additional time required is really less than the time that would have necessarily been apportioned for the preparation of the map problems, etc., which they agreed, according to their enrolment blanks, to undertake in addition to the regular weekly drills of three hours duration; and, furthermore, that in order to round out the training of the Regiment, and to make a creditable appearance in public, these special drills are mandatory.

The Regimental Commander hereby directs that organization commanders exclude from participation in the Memorial Day exercises, every man who is insufficiently instructed and who has not availed himself of the opportunities offered for instruction, or who may report with improper uniform or equipment on that date.

Individuals will assemble in Persis Smith Hall for voluntary preliminary instruction in sighting drills for the rifle from 10 o'clock until 12 o'clock, and from 1.30 o'clock until 3 o'clock, under the supervision of Sergeants Bryan and Gavigan, U.S.A.

Provisional companies will assemble on Soldiers Field for voluntary drill with arms from 3 o'clock until 5 o'clock, under the supervision of the Assistant Instructors and Company Officers.

Individuals will assemble at the Bay State Rifle Range, Wakefield, for voluntary practice from 1 until 5 o'clock, under the supervision of Lieutenant Edwards and Sergeant Flowers, U.S.A.

Companies A and B will assemble in Persis Smith Hall for drill with arms at 7.15 o'clock, under the supervision of the Regimental Commander. C. CORDIER.   Captain, U. S. Army,   Commanding.