Opportunities for Becoming Editors Next Year Explained

The next competition for membership on the news and business boards of the CRIMSON for the class of 1919 will begin after the opening of college in the fall.

Two news editors have been chosen from the class of 1919, leaving places on the board for about six more who will be taken on from the fall and spring competitions. The work required will

be explained in detail in the early fall papers, and although the competition is hard and takes a great deal of time, the accuracy and concentration which are developed are invaluable. The broad in sight into college activities is also another useful end of the competition, as well as the practical training in handling business and men.

The Business Competition.

The competition for the business staff from the class of 1919 will begin next fall with the opening of college. Two men will be taken on from the Sophomore class, who in their Junior year will become assistant business managers and one of whom will become business manager in his Senior year. The work of this competition consists of securing subscriptions in the early part of the year, and securing advertisements throughout the year. A certain amount of clerical work is also asked for candidates.


The business experience obtained in contact with men in Boston, New York, and other cities is sure to be of special value in after life. Any men of the class of 1919 who desire further information about this competition should see W. D. Kelley, 3d, '17 in the CRIMSON Building any morning this week between 8.30 and 9 o'clock