Nearly 40 Loan Exhibitions, 31 Public Lectures on Art, and Conferences Held.

The past year at the Fogg Art Museum was marked by the purchase of Sassetta's "Christ in Limbo," and of "Paris Master," a Cassoni panel, and by the gift of a collection of forty-eight Italian fourteenth-sixteenth century miniatures, and of the picture, "Madonna and Child and Two Saints," of the school of Ghirlandaio. Under the direction of Mr. Edward Waldo Forbes '95, Director of the Museum, and of Mr. Paul Joseph Sachs '00, the new Assistant Director, five important special loan exhibitions were held, 33 smaller loans of works of art were made, nine lecturers gave 31 public lectures on art, and eight conferences were given on the various exhibitions.

The other purchases, made either by the Museum, or by friends, were as follows: Seventeen important engravings and etchings; sixteen books; 296 slides; and 87 photographs.

The other gifts were as follows: One Persian miniature; one late Byzantine miniature; one sixteenth-century Italian brocade; reproductions of Japanese works of art; two Japanese prints; wood block engraved by Timothy Cole; Japanese book; 37 engravings and etchings; 228 books; 196 photographs; 2485 slides; $75 prizes for drawing and painting; $2000 annual Research Fellowship in Fine Arts. The most important exhibitions were those of early Italian engravings. Spanish paintings, lithographs, English water colors, and drawings by Old Masters.

The works of art loaned and exhibited for periods ranging from one week to six months were: Tintoretto, "Diana"; Piero Della Francesca, "Crucifixion"; Pesellino, "Building of the Temple"; Fra Filippo Lippi, "Madonna and Child"; Turner, "Pas de Calais"; Byzantine panel, 13th century, "Scenes from Life of St. Peter"; Rogier van der Weyden, "Noli me tangere"; Lucas Cranach, "Lady in Red Gown"; Filippino Lippi, "Descent from the Cross"; Moretto da Brescia, "The Magdalen"; 16th century Flemish pictures, "Annunciation," and "Crucifixion"; Dutch pictures, Rembrandt, "St. Bartholomew," Franz Hals, "Portrait of a Man Seated," David Teniers, the Younger, "The Five Senses," Girolamo da Santa Croce, "Portrait of a Man"; Nicholas Maes, "Portrait of a Man"; Rubens, "Meleager and Atalanta"; Nicholas Maes, "The Lace-Maker"; Jacobella, "Madonna and Child"; Corot, "Landscape"; Gainsborough, "Landscape"; Daubigny, "Landscape"; Italian sminiatures, "Scenes from Life of St. Francis"; Venetian 16th century painting, "Madonna and Child"; German 16th century painting, "Three Saints"; Lazzaro Bastiani(?), "Annunciation"; Giambattista Zelotti, "Doge in Adoration"; Thibetan painting; seventeen miniatures; Indian miniature; three tapestries; Italian brocade; Tanagra figurine; Corean mirror; collection of minerals, etc., illustrating the pigments used by the Old Masters; Italian chairs; leaves from 15th century choir books; Indian bronze figure.

The public lectures were given as follows: Professor Allan Marquand, "Lucadella Robbia"; Dr. Osvald Siren, twelve lectures on "Giotto and his Followers"; Charles T. Carruth, two lectures on the "Della Robbia Family"; Langdon Warner '03, ten lectures on "The Development of Chinese Art"; Timothy Cole, "Analogy between Painting and Engraving"; Professor Chandler Rathfon Post '04, "The Golden Age of Spanish Painting"; Professor Van den Ven, "The Churches of Constantinople"; FitzRoy Carrington, two lectures, "Landscape Etching," and "Italian Engraving: the Florentines"; Dr. Ananda Coomaraswamy, "Buddhist Art in India."


The conferences were by Miss Laura Dudley on the "Early Italian Engravings"; Mr. FitzRoy Carrington on the "Early Italian Engravings"; Professor C. R. Post '04 on the Spanish Paintings; Professor A. Pope '01 on the Tintoretto "Diana"; Professor H. Edgell on the Piero della Francesca "Crucifixion"; and on the Cassone panel, Pesellino, "Building of the Temple," and Fra Filippo Lippi, "Madonna and Child"; Professor A. Pope '01 on the Turner "Pas de Calais"; and Mr. P. J. Sachs '00 on the "Drawings by Old Masters."